How Do I Get Money Without Borrow?

How do I get money without borrowing? Borrowing is easier than you thought and now available without interest. Maybe not a bad solution for your problems.

How do I get money without borrowing?

When you need money, you think of different possibilities. Working is what most people do. Unfortunately, work does not always deliver enough. Taking an extra job is easier said than done. Especially now that there is less work you can not easily arrange a quick or better job. Some people are tempted by less legal ways to get money. This is not recommended: you do not want a criminal record. And depending on the way you choose, you also run a great risk.

Are there other ways to work on money?

Are there other ways to work on money?

Borrowing money is a logical alternative. Everyone lends money. A mortgage is also a loan; the bank buys the house and you have a debt to the bank. When people say that they have bought a house so it is not quite right, since the bank has bought the house and they have a debt with that bank.

Yet there are a number of prejudices to the concept of borrowing.

A first preconception is that it is unwise. That is still the question. Is it more sensible to choose an alternative that is more unwise? You can, for example, dive into illegality and thus arrange money, but that is risky and dangerous for your life. Then taking out a loan from a company is a lot safer.

The second preconception is that it is expensive. Nothing is less true; You can now take out an emergency loan via the internet, even without paying interest costs. You should logically repay the loan within the specified term. This applies, of course, to all types of loans.

Many also think that taking out a loan takes days. This is an outdated item. You can request an emergency loan via internet within a few minutes and even receive it within 10 minutes. This is because these loans are submitted and handled via the internet: that is pure innovation. Thanks to this kind of innovative solutions, a loan can be arranged within a day.

Another preconception is that people think that you can borrow money at a bank only. That is no longer true. Nowadays you can borrow money from excellent new lenders in the year 2012 and beyond. In the Netherlands you can only grant loans if you are under the supervision of the Dutch government (the AFM is this government agency). Both banks and new online lenders are covered by this supervision.


Borrowing money is not a bad alternative. It is safe, quickly settled & recently also interest-free. It is therefore not a bad idea to reconsider the idea of borrowing money. In short, the question of ‘how do I get money without lending’ certainly needs to be reconsidered.