Friday, December 11, 2020
Payday Loan Consolidation

How to hire a personal loan?

How to contract personal loan?

How to contract personal loan?

Personal loan, a credit alternative with exclusive conditions and advantages. If you are seeking personal credit for a dream, debt repayment or purchase of a good, consider seeking Itaú to resolve this problem. At Itaú, you will find several options to get the ideal loan, according to what you need. In order for you to know better the modalities and the conditions to obtain a personal loan in Itaú, we separate for you some information that will make all the difference in the time of contracting the credit. See below!

How to hire a personal loan?

How to hire a personal loan?

For clients, the bank offers some ease in obtaining a personal loan, such as pre-approved credit so you can use it as soon as you need it, without paperwork, without delay and without surprises.

From the amounts transferred in the current account and the relationship that the customer has with the bank, We are able to define a limit value and from there to facilitate the release of credit. The withdrawal of these amounts can be done at any Itaú branch, or even at an ATM on the network.

Another facility is that through our loan you can pay your installments up to 48 times, in addition to having a grace period of 90 days to start paying. You can also decide on the best date to make your payments, facilitating your financial planning and the organization of your finances.

Itaú also has insurance that guarantees the payment of the installments of your personal loan in the event of any unforeseen loss of a job or illness.

Among the loan modalities offered by Itaú, are also payroll loans, credit with guarantee and the anticipation of the 13th salary. With low interest payday loans you find a lower interest rate option, you do not need to justify the use of the funds and the money is deposited directly into your account.

The payment of the installments is also facilitated, you have up to 60 days to start paying and the installments are deducted directly from your payroll, avoiding forgettings and making your life easier.

For those who already have some goods in your name, and need extra money, Itaú offers the credit with guarantee. In this modality you put your assets as collateral in the contracting of the credit, and with this you get lower interest due to the risk reduction that the operation happens to have for the bank.

The assets accepted as collateral for obtaining loans are the investments made in the bank, vehicles in the name of the person who wishes the credit, or property already already taken on behalf of the person.

With these tips it will be easy to sign up for your personal loan at Itaú . Look for an agency or go to Itaú’s website and have more information about these and other options for accessing credit offered by the bank.

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