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Payday Loan Consolidation

Payday Loan Consolidation: We will Reduce and Consolidate your Loans

Your life has gone through many whirlpools that have brought you to the edge of the abyss. Do you not even know which institutions you are repaying your loans and, above all, do you not manage financially? Then just for you we are here and the best set up loan consolidation . With our set-up conditions for merging loans , you get out of the stressful circle paying many outstanding amounts throughout the month. Ours   Loan Consolidation allows you to pay only one installment on one day of the month, and this amount will not simply be the sum of your debt and interest with other creditors. We will reduce it because our interest rate is more than acceptable .



Payday Loan consolidation is a mechanism for consolidating your debt and borrowing obligations for multiple lenders to one of your existing or even newly elected. With loan consolidation, you can reach:

  • Better control of your commitments – the consolidation provider will arrange everything for you, simplify and reduce your administration volume
  • more advantageous interest rates – lower interest rates are a great option for consolidation
  • limiting administrative fees – it follows from the logic that each of your earlier loans could bear high administrative fees, you will pay a single fee after consolidation
  • Reduce repayments – With your lender, you set the installment volume according to your options and requirements

To put it simply, a consolidated loan is a brand new product from which the lender repays your original loans to other institutions.

When to choose payday loan consolidation?

When to choose loan consolidation?

Mistakes are a common part of our lives, but we need to learn from them and not repeat them. You may have borrowed a lot of relatively small amounts from different providers whose interest rates are astronomical. This way of ensuring your own standard of living has put you in a difficult situation and is there a risk of execution or personal bankruptcy? That’s the last option   when to consider loan consolidation . Our non-bank company will be at your disposal at the moment, our specialists will outline the possibilities, arrange all conditions for merging loans. And believe everything will be very fast and efficient.

Consolidation – where does everything help?

Virtually all types of your loans and credits can be consolidated, even though there are additional commitments. You don’t have to worry, you can consolidate:

  • consumer loans
  • cash loans
  • Credit Cards
  • overdrafts

Loan consolidation and benefits

Consolidation brings with it a number of benefits that the borrower should consider to the point that it is the right loan to merge. Let’s take a closer look at the biggest benefits:

  • Payment simplification

By purchasing loans to buy a car, a new household item, or a holiday with many creditors, you get wrinkles on your forehead and stop sleeping at night. Then credit consolidation gives you the advantage of paying one payment to only one company.

  • Reduction of installment

The goal of consolidating loans is also to reduce the installment itself. The client then pays less than the sum of all previous loans. In this way, considerable financial resources can be saved.

  • Individual parameter settings

Most providers will talk to you about your options for repayment of the consolidation loan, and thus will be able to set the installment amount, repayment period or day for repayment according to your wishes.

  • Calculate consolidation and comparison

A great advantage is the possibility to know in advance whether consolidation will pay off. That is why there are many financial sites where you will find calculators that accurately calculate the funds saved by merging your loans.

Disadvantages of loan consolidation

Disadvantages of loan consolidation

The disadvantages of consolidation are very few. Some institutions that allow the client to consolidate require sanctions in the event of early repayment. To put it simply, it is disadvantageous to consolidate loans for borrowers who have a stable income, and repayment of several loans does not make them difficult. Consolidation would bring only administrative relief and a reduction in administrative fees, but in the case of early repayment, the saved funds would probably “fall” to pay a penalty.

Consolidation: Who provides it?

Consolidation: Who provides it?

There are many banking and non-banking institutions on the market that offer clients credit consolidation. However, each of them boasts different conditions that each client should study and consider carefully before merging. The conditions also vary between banking and non-banking companies, with the advantage of non-bankers being the speed and consolidation of loans without your delay, because they do not deal with creditworthiness . It is often possible to consolidate loans without looking into the registry.

Consolidation negotiation process

Consolidation negotiation process

Although the process of negotiating consolidation is faster and a large number of documents are not required, some partial checks by the creditor cannot be avoided.

  • Client’s current creditworthiness – whether the client has regular and sufficient income and verification of his payment morale.
  • Verification of the client of the financial past – the creditor is obliged by law to prolong the process, which will be done by consulting the bank and non-bank registers and the SOLUS register. The crucial thing here is that the consolidation applicant is not slipping with any of the installments. Here too we have a solution – pay the installments due, wait for 2 months and resubmit the consolidation request.
  • Identifying the types and number of loans to consolidate – many types of loans can be merged, from consumer, through bank, overdraft and mortgage, to credit card debts. Sometimes there is a problem in trying to merge loans from smaller non-bank providers, which cannot be verified in the debtors register (eg leases, larger mortgages or building savings).
  • Verification of the maturity of the loan – maturity of the debts to be merged may not be less than half a year, for some providers less than 1 year.
  • Maximum and Minimum Consolidation Amounts – Total Amounts Debited for Consolidation must be between 50,000-500,000CZK. Some banks are willing to consolidate debts higher, but at most CZK 2.5 million.

If you do not meet the conditions of some banks, then believe that a non-bank institution that we are, too, has a more open arms and will allow you to consolidate your loan, even if your creditworthiness is not that high.

How does consolidation work with us?

How does consolidation work with us?

Have you decided to consolidate loans ? We also offer you this option. Our company will provide you with some of the best conditions with minimal administrative needs. On the other hand, we also have to comply with the statutory standards and therefore we will first contact all your creditors and the companies where you borrowed money based on your power of attorney. Then we will calculate and pay off individual obligations for you to eliminate your stress on many repayments. In addition, we are also able to pay for all your executions if necessary. Then we sign a loan consolidation agreement, repaying one single installment, a single institution, that is, us. We also offer you the opportunity to refinance our loan at any time through any bank.

Functioning in points:

  • best conditions with minimal administration
  • power of attorney and contacting your creditors
  • we will quantify and pay all the liabilities
  • We will also pay for your execution
  • signing a loan consolidation agreement – one installment, one company (us)
  • Refinancing option

Consolidation in our country

Consolidation in our country

The first step in your game will be to complete and submit a loan consolidation request . You can consult this step by phone or e-mail with our specialists who will advise you. After submitting and evaluating the application, our consultant will contact you to present and recommend all options and suitable products to solve your situation. The consultant will also provide you with all the information needed to complete the consolidated loan. Then you only have to deal with contractual documents, which you always get from us to study and we will always be happy to answer all your questions. Finally, if you are satisfied, we will sign the contracts with you and it is done.

Settled in points:

  • completing and submitting a consolidation request
  • evaluation of the application and contact with the consultant
  • offering the best consolidation solution
  • handing over and studying contract documents
  • signing contract

Our company prides itself on fair dealing . That is why we provide our clients with free consultations for loan consolidation. Our consultants will take care of your needs for a period that is acceptable to you. Because we understand that repaying many loans is stressful, our credit settlement process is very fast and we will pay for it virtually right after the conclusion of the contract.

We appreciate our clients, so we try to find the best and lowest interest rate that will make future payments cheaper. You will be able to reinvest in your hobbies and your family again. Last but not least, we will ensure your safety , which is very important for you, because it is the sense of security that will bring you peace and quiet into your life so that you can start your journey to better tomorrows again.

If you haven’t decided yet, we’ll advise you, throw away your nerves from many installments by contacting us and we’ll offer you the best and most advantageous solution. So do not sit on your happiness and do not hinder your future.

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